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The Pegasus history

Back in 1981, four musicians and close friends, Santi Arisa, Rafael Escoté, Josep Mas "Kitflus" and Max Sunyer, well known in the professional music world in Catalonia and Spain, decided to join forces to do the music they really liked.
With jazz, fusion, and mediterranean music in mind, the guys created a band, named it Pegasus and spend a lot of creativity and energy to make the group well known all around the country.
Not a simple matter, those days.... the risk of failure, at that time and in a market where the presence of jazz fusion bands was nearly nonexistent!
Being as they were, experienced musicians in former groups (Iceberg, Fusioon, Gòtic, Catalònia...) and having reached a kind of "status" as respected professionals (in other words, making a living from their respective gigs), what reason could move the guys to start over, on a new project?
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Easy, they enjoy making music!!! And so they did...

Since its foundation Pegasus released ten records and performed live at stages so legendaries as the Carnegie Hall in New York, the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Palau de la Música de Barcelona, the Miami Film Festival and most of the national and international jazz festivals, even reaching top of the charts in the spanish main broadcasting channels. With the third record, Searching, Pegasus won the "Gran Premi del Disc Català" (Catalonian Best Record Award) granted by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalonia Government).

The band also got the "Best Spanish Group" prize from the "Jazz en vivo" awards.
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By middle nineties, Pegasus stops its activity. The irruption of catalan rock bands affected Pegasus gigs and hiring. The menbers continued their individual careers. Kitflus joined Joan Manuel Serrat and a lot of other catalan artists to make recordings, arrangements and world tours.
Santi spent most of their time with its own group, La Tribu, and also on its singer side on several recording works.
Max played on trio and duo gigs and did a number of recordings by itself. Rafa went into the software design world, and created its own development firm, but keeping a close relationship with the music world.
On 2007, Radio Vilafranca invited the band to perform in a concert to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the broadcasting station. That concert was the starting point for the band to tour again. On 2008-2009 Pegasus did a number of concerts in Catalunya and Spain playing some of their most successful tunes. And the show still goes on…

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Festival Jazz Barcelona 1988
Home del vestit blanc
Musical Express - 1983

Arbres despullats (El setè cercle)